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Wine Tasting Cellar 

Our proposal is an architecture that becomes landscape, creating a visual and emotional continuity with the surroundings. A strip of land is rising from the hill to generate a belvedere and a protected cave-like space. The walls and ceiling of this space give a rough and primitive tactile sensation, what you expect from a texture that is not determined but spontaneously created. This texture is the result of the construction method.

The hill-shaped roof is generated using earth as a scaffold. A hill of the earth is assembled in the desired shape and the concrete is poured on top, capturing the arrangement of the earth in an instant and crystallizing it into a form.

The cement takes on the characteristics of its mold, the earth, with whom it will share porosity, materiality, and tactile sensation. The final shape is determined by irregular ripples that are meant to be unpredictable, like a natural formation.

Design Team: Michele Daneluzzo, Cristian Li Voi, Mirko Daneluzzo

The roof has a smooth bell-shaped evocative of the slope of the hills, which creates the side walls while grounding. The pure and statuesque limb of land is delimited at the sides by glass walls.

This choice effectively creates a funnel from the production to the vines, preserving the visual and spatial continuity of the site.

To honor the dramatic landscape, a single large table is projected outwards, designed to gather people and to enjoy the view. The table has an inner cement heart, but with a wooden surface that makes it hospitable and pleasant.

The experience is completed by the panoramic terrace located at the top of the structure, which allows an open view of the landscape. A sloping path connects the two levels and suggests an experiential walk, perfect to indulge in different points of view. Everything originates from the roof, which encloses all the elements and defines multiple spaces, external and internal, lower and upper, in a harmonious connection with the ground. The roof is a bridge connecting the two souls of the site, the cellar, and the vineyard, defining an interconnection space that is not a barrier but a means to enjoy the whole space.

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