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Exhibition 14.09.-05.10.2017
Tallin, Estonian Museum of Architecture

The international open two-stage competition is challenging participants to develop creative designs for a  temporary outdoor installation, making innovative use of the fabrication capacities with the Estonian wooden house manufacturers. The aim is to promote synergy between emerging designers and industry.

Curators of the TAB 2017 Installation Programme, architects Sille Pihlak and Siim Tuksam ( say that the installation should be driven by TAB 2017 main topic of bio-technology in architecture and urban design: “We are looking for visionary models using principles of biological self-organization, computational material logic and the embodied algorithms of the future of the bio-city for the TAB Installation Programme.” As the chief curator of TAB17 Claudia Pasquero explained: “The convergence of biotechnology and IT, applied to landscape and urban design is one of the more promising future developments for our civilization.” TAB 2017 will provide a showcase for the most interesting emergent actors in the field.

NYXO was present with its proposal “Venter”.

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