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The central void is the focal point from which the sinuous rays draw a graceful and continuous pattern. The top is contoured by precise curves flowing into delicate hues. The dense outline of the petals gives strength and elegance composing an overall delicate harmony. 
Dahlia flower is a timeless symbol of elegance and purity. Shadows, overlaps, curves: the elaborate geometry intrigues the eye with emotional perspective effects.


    .D90 cm
    .H40 cm
    .10 Kg


  • .LW foamingPLA
    .tempered glass

    Our production partners share a focus on sustainability and are working on advanced materials to pave the way towards a more sustainable additive manufacturing industry.
    The Lightweight (LW) PLA is the first material of its kind using active foaming technology to achieve lightweight, low density parts. This 
    technology leads to a production that requires less material.

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