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Charming but poisonous: this flower-inspired table is defined by a labyrinthine surface meant to portrait the abundance of the voluminous Azalea blooms. A continuous flow of lines ground the table to the floor in an harmo nious manner.
Sibylline enchanter with a dark side, Azalea is a twisty and eye-catching piece of design with a distinctive personality


    .D90 cm
    .H40 cm
    .10 Kg


  • .LW foamingPLA
    .tempered glass

    Our production partners share a focus on sustainability and are working on advanced materials to pave the way towards a more sustainable additive manufacturing industry.
    The Lightweight (LW) PLA is the first material of its kind using active foaming technology to achieve lightweight, low density parts. This 
    technology leads to a production that requires less material.

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