Chef Knife



Permanent collection Cooper Hewitt Design Museum New York

PRIMITIVE is a nonverbal experience that tries to penetrate the subconscious working as a trigger for an emotional and reflective response.
The user is oriented through the experience to reach his own questions and thoughts. The nature of the object is to give an instantaneous and
the visceral reaction that should not require further amplification.

PRIMITIVE was born in the attempt to analyze the many different aspects of the intrinsic and ancient relationship between Mankind and Design.
The aim to propose this form to modern culture is the impression that the contemporary Human forgot in a sense about his behavioral capabilities
and characteristics, letting him be the author and at the same time victim of his own life.

Its shape derives from a tool which belongs to Human Beings and it is deeply related with the resultant present one. It was an object created following a logic construction of thoughts, of comprehensions, about the most important tool of all: our hands. This is a product created by the materialization of the harmony between thought and our own natural tools, relationship which from the first actualization started to let evolve more and more questions, ideas and needs. The development of tools made flourish the interface between our mind and our bodies, made us develop prosthesis of our self both, on a corporal and cognitive level. The nature of the product is to lead to an unconscious reaction, a physical vehicle which guides toward the verbalization of questions which would define our interpretation of the meaning of the definition “Human Being” and as a consequence the intention related to individuals and specie.