Urban roof

The intention is to occupy anthropized contexts, where the green is extremely controlled or even absent, to make ready an infrastructure able to sew up again different economies (in a classical way) in a single system: a connection between flora, fauna and the urban landscape, in its different characters, physical and psychological. This project collects many aspects: it is a system, an ecology, a roof, a place…

The main structure is based on the Splinetex(™) technology, that basically is a composite pipe: steel core in a PVC glove, reinforced with a carbon fiber strata. The composite pipes are woven to make a compact, elastic and light whole, that anchors itself to the ground and the adjacent buildings. The structure is covered by a layer of PET and Titanium oxide able to absorb pollutant in the air and transform them into fertilizer for the climbing plants that grows through the pipes. A system of optical fibers distributes in defined points, a not invasive soft illumination.

From Luke’s school notebook, IIIA

Written paper: describe your city.

My city is not like any other. My town looks like a wood with flowers, plants and birds. When I go shopping with mum, shops are magic caves. Yesterday Matteo has seen some mushrooms near Rizzo’s bakery and Elena said that she saw a hedgehog, but I don’t believe her.
When it rains the wire trees protect you so that we no longer use the car to go to school. On summer there is always a nice shadow and mum says that it is better now because it’s fresher. The teacher every saturday take us out to discover the birds’ nests and teaches us to distinguish them. the only thing that i don’t like is that there are a lot of insects that stink me, but in the evening there are the bats and mum is afraid, but the teacher has taught us that they are good because they eat mosquitoes.
Saturday is my favorite day because Mom takes me to the center and I play with Andrea and Matteo. Sometimes we climb the wire trees, but Mum does not want because she says that I break everything.
I love my city. My city is green and there are butterflies.