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Urban and landscape design 
Medolla, Italy

The aim of the project is to upgrade the public area in Medolla,  a municipality with about 6000 inhabitants about 45 km from Bologna. The purposes of the project are the definition of separate areas, the traffic regulation, and the definition of areas and spaces that will be used by the citizens as a meeting point or to settle new business.
The need for traffic reduction in Roma street is the first step in the project proposal. The Medolla center has to find a new hierarchy of use with an orientation to pedestrian areas in order to increase the people's socialization by creating nice and stimulating spaces. The intervention on the urban landscape has the purpose to connect the two squares (Garibaldi and del Popolo) through a pattern that develops ways and association spaces and that increases the green areas that will be an environmental filter in comparison to Roma street. The purpose is to find again the pleasure to meet in a city center (square) that is man-sized and where the traffic is reduced to the minimum.

The proposal of the new Garibaldi square layout is mainly about the pedestrian function of the square obtained through the traffic regulation and the placing of the parking lot in the adjacent areas. This new space hierarchy allows drawing again the area in front of the main buildings, reserving it to the direct use from the people without the interferences caused by moving or parked cars. Making the Medolla center a pedestrian area will be a catalyst for a new “sociality” based on the meeting of people and conversation and a new “slow” (with a positive meaning) use of the urban space. One of the main characteristics of the project is the research and the creation of the “field opening”: the new space in front of the main building will be seen with a continuous glance without any obstacles.


The pavilion in Garibaldi square is a place for the meeting, the dialogue, and the sharing; it has an external large covered space which is supported by a light steel structure, on which the architectural texture is stretched. The idea is to have a covered space that can house events, exhibitions, meetings and that subsequently can be transformed into areas for business or educational activities.
This membrane will protect from the direct sunlight softening it to diffused light, while during the wintertime it will protect from the weather and will allow the sun rays to enter into the space.
The project is characterized by the introduction of new and innovative technologies.
The supporting structure is made of zinc-coated steel with dividing walls made of high performance glass that limit the heat dispersion.
The glass reflects the surroundings and it underlines the dematerializing effect of the main structure, giving a sense of lightness to the structure itself.
The will to regain the soil permeability, the will to use the rain water for the watering of the plants in order to improve the microclimatic aspect have suggested the choice of making a green roof for the 2/3 of the surface and 1/3 with a photo-voltaic system. This would allow the pavilion to be self sufficient and at the same time it will allow to give power supply to the urban lightning.


Taking into consideration the context and the story of its transformations, the south side of Roma street is a fundamental element for everybody who lives or hangs out at Medolla.
The business presence along the street has influenced the nearby built-up area, determining its shape.
The portico shown in the project has the purpose to create a business sidewalk through a shaded and semi-covered space, that takes the people through a walk, with the possibility to use the same path for creating events.
From a technical point of view, the portico is made of a steel structure where the light points and the rainwater gathering are concentrated.
This structure has been chosen because of its characteristics: lightness, flexibility, homogeneous trans clarity, for the superficial anti-dirt treatment, UV and weather resistance, and also for its 100% recycling.


With the demolishing of the former town hall, Medolla loses an important element of the building structures that face the square. The proposal for the rebuilding of this area is composed of two steps:
The first step sees the making of a green area with a lawn and deep foliage trees to evoke the space of the lacking building and represent the rebuilding in an eco-friendly way. The second step is the construction of a compact building with the same area as the previous one.
The space is “dug” at the ground floor in the central area, it creates a sort of internal courtyard that is at the same time a natural way for the lightning, for the ventilation, and a sort of recall for the entire town.

The building because of its function of innovation “simplifier fly-wheel”, applies to become a recognizable landmark for a relaunch of the identity of a sustainable future of the young business and local start-up.
The element that characterizes the architectural image of the project is the double “skin” of the building, a system composed of two elements: a façade made of glass and a coating made of break-sun thin sheets that regulate the indoor spaces, modulating the light.

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