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Outdoor concrete bench

Kurdele is a street bench made from the particular concrete mixture developed by InMateria. It is characterized by high mechanical resistance and an accurate surface resolution thanks to a smooth pin-hole-free surface that makes it ideal for external use.
The bench is defined by two opposed rings fused together into curvaceous asymmetric forms. These rings allow to connect of more units, in an out-of-phase sequence and the encounter between two of them defines the fluid and tactile transition of wrinkles that delicately propagate on the surface.


Behind the development of the urban furniture products, there is the will to stage small ‘places of discovery’, where a piece of furniture is also active perceptual stimuli, able to engage the senses. This is possible due to the characteristics of the material, that puts you in a position to control the definition of the object, from the fluid masses in which the eye can slide freely up, to the small details on the surface inviting your hand to touch and discover hidden moments to the eye, triggering the desire for continued research.

Concrete // 220x75x44 cm

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