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Temporary pavilion
Milan, Italy

Hungry roots is an outfitting that has the purpose to create a “blurry boundary lines” architecture trough the air microclimate control inside a “green columns” system. The structure is made of a covering with conical modules that catch and carry the rain inside tanks that are on the structure ground. The covering modules are made of a Tyvek sheet that is folded following the project drawing, it creates a self-standing surface that is stretched on the sides.

From the inlets of the conical elements the net columns are stretched and they reduce to a series of limited knots in order to determine the bases for the water collection.

These bases are also vaporizers that put the water into the environment under the covering, mixing it with the nutrition elements for the plants that grow in the nets and that connect the bases to the covering cones.

The visitor will be in an environment with higher humidity rate, and he will breath the same air enriched with the nutritional elements for the plants.

​ collaborator: Patrizia D’Olivo

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