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Facade revamp
Vicenza, Italy

The project has as reference the speed of the infrastructure where it is located and it proposes again the flow trough lines that starting from a rest situation begin to move, creating a dynamic effect on the whole surface. The facade wraps up the edge continuing on the north side along Divisione Acqui street, respecting the maximum heights required by the current urban tools.

The facade continuity on both east and north sides allows seeing the building in its whole, gathering all the shops located there with one language. The facade works as a technological layer that wraps the whole building: it superimposes to the repetition of windows and loggia that are similar to one another and it transforms the building into an urban landmark.

The blades move in three-D in order to have different functions, for example, parapets for the loggia or sunshade for the offices, in this way they guarantee the light and air circulation, and in the points where the blades are near to the ground they provide sitting for the ground floor. The thin steel structure that holds the blades becomes almost invisible giving lightness to the structure itself but also to the loads that aggravate the structure of the project.

Technology and materials.

The material research has been concentrated on the reduction of the costs and on the use of long-lasting materials with low maintenance and light both not to make the facade heavier but also in order to find a fluid and dynamic solution to the new architectural identity.

The facade is mainly made of. :
– Coating directly glued on the raw facade made of 10 cm silicate calcium panels (thermal k 0,045 W /mK).

The panels are made only with mineral material: it is a very good thermal insulating for both summertime and wintertime, with high perspiration. It is waterproof on the surface for a better thermal hygrometric purpose. It is ecological, recyclable, resistant, and easy to work for a safe and easy installation.

– The Woodn thin sheets with a full edging are made of 70 %pvc and 30%recycled bamboo, the thickness is 7 mm, the color is pearl grey, the mixture is uniform ( no veins that give a wooden effect), the finishing is smooth and glossy (in order to reflect the sunlight). The main characteristic is the possibility to be molded with industrial air pistols or adjustable molds and it can take any bending or twisting without losing its durability. Furthermore, it is very light; this has reduced the cost and the weight of the understructure needed for the installation. In addition, the smooth and auto cleaning finishing, and the chosen color make the material age well without any frequent maintenance.

– The hanging structure is made of steel cables that are stretched with a specific steel stretcher and hooked to the façade in between the zinc-coated iron shelves that are on the upper end of the façade and there is a beam in the lower part that follows the last lower blade.

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