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AC Unit


Haier Group

The team developed the design of an interior 3D printed AC Unit chassis, to be exhibited at the upcoming AWE – Appliance & Electronics World Expo in Shanghai, March 2015. To date there was no precedent in the use of 3D printing for home appliances at the given scale, so what we developed turned out to be the world’s first. 

The designed chassis had to fit the core of an existing design unit and be fully functional during the exhibition.

There were two sets of challenges/constraints that we felt most influential for our work:
. exploiting in full the opportunities given by 3D printing over current production techniques to deliver a unique user experience. conveying through the design a vision compliant with the client’s history and aspirations

In collaboration with Co-de-iT (Alessio Erioli, Tommaso Casucci);
collaborators: Alberto Casarotto (Co-de-iT), Mirco Bianchini;

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