About us

NYXO is a design company founded and lead by Mirko and Michele Daneluzzo.
NYXO supports the client in the generation of value through design solutions, technological innovation and cultural contamination, from the concept to the industrialization phase.

NYXO is a trans-disciplinary R&D office for the development of visionary ideas. 
The founding values of NYXO OVD are fundamentally based on the construction of future scenarios able to incorporate and translate technological innovation into products or services. 


2018 / Dubai Design Week, Kursi Exhibition / Dubai Design District

2018 / Street Seats exhibition / Design Museum Portland

2017 / Tallin Biennale / Tallin, Estonian Museum of Architecture

2017 / Metal design (and handcraft?) Now: the cyborgcraft / Ybbsitz, IRON CAMP 2 symposium

2017 / per esempio: Designers del Friuli tra passato, presente e futuro / Zoppola, Galleria d’Arte Celso Costantini

2016 / Art&Design Exhibition /  nhow Hotel, Milan Italy

2014 / Tools: extending our reach / Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum, New York

2014 / Digital Craft: fabricate the virtual in the twenty-first century/ Silver Gallery – Vienna

2013 / Stories of Ontonogenesis / UDINE 3D FORUM
Centro culturale alle grazie, Udine

2013 / Advanticity, Round table / Zona Tortona | FuoriSalone Milano 

2013 / The Demon Under the Skin, lecture /  “Project-complexity, spaces, processes,relationships, styles” Politecnico Milano, Facoltà di Architettura Civile

2013 / [RE]vive Contemporary factory of culture / Milan Design Week

2012 / Supersized Porn, lecture / Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan

2012 / Performing Obsessions, lecture / University of Bologna, Case studies in Computational design Ecologies, Prof.Ing. Alessio Erioli

2012 / Physical/Digital, lecture, University of Udine Laboratorio integrato di disegno, Arch. Nicla Indrigo, Prof. Francesco Andreatta, con Arch. Ivo Boscariol

2012 / HALLUCINOSIS BY SIMULATION, lecture / University of Trieste dep. of Architecture

2010 / MACHINIC PROCESSES / The Architecture Biennial Beijing

NYX and the The Shape shifting Myth

Nyx is the personification of the night, a shadowy figure that stood at or near the beginning of creation.
In Hesiod’s Theogony, Nyx is born of Chaos and with Erebus (Darkness), she gives birth to Aether (Brightness) and Hemera (Day). Later, she gives birth to Moros (Doom, Destiny), Ker (Fate, Destruction, Death), Thanatos (Death), Hypnos (Sleep) and Oneiroi (Dreams). Nyx is the first principle from which all creation emerges, a primordial figure of such exceptional power and beauty, that she is feared by Zeus himself. In Greece, Nyx was only rarely the focus of cults, she had not a large number of devotees, but those few who worshiped her, she granted the gift of prophecy, to see beyond the night of the present.
Everything comes from the night, the darkness, the void. This vacuum, represents for us the unconscious, that is hidden from the eyes, and that must be examined to bring out the whole. Everything already exists, we find it and find it again.
In his description of Tartarus, Hesiod locates there the home of Nyx and her children Hypnos and Thanatos. Hesiod says further that Hemera (Day), left Tartarus just as Nyx entered it; continuing cyclicly, when Hemera returned, Nyx left.
Life, time and death originate and are governed by the same principle of endless becoming.

The other soul of Nyxo belongs to the Danube, where, according to the German epic Nibelungenlied, act the Nix (male) and Nixe, types of river merman and mermaid who may lure men to drown: The females are beautiful women with the tail of a fish, while the males are creatures that can assume many different shapes, and may not have any real form. This reminds us the talent for mimicry of the alien creature in John Carpenter's movie "the Thing", a monstrous entity in perpetual motion, unfixed in its identity.
It is the unknown made flesh, a reminder of the chaos from which we arose. The shapeless uncertainty of endless becoming.


2014 / Tools: extending our reach / Cara McCarty and Matilda McQuaid Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum

2013 / Artificial Intelligence, Spinal Stair /Azure

2013 / Interview / Salon Magazine Ukraine

2013 / Parametrico Nostrano, Giovanni Corbellini, Cecilia Morassi

2013 / About Disgust, Issue 8 / City Vision

2013 / Interview to Roland Snooks (Kokkugia), Issue 7 / City Vision

2012 / Young Italian Architects / Edizioni Forme Libere

2012 / Interview with Mirko Daneluzzo by Davide del Giudice Issue 6 / City Vision