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Maintenance robot
Pordenone, Italy

AMR (Automatic Maintenance Robot)is a cladding generator and maintenance system.
The “skin” of the building is generated by a bio-plastic material that is sprinkled by a robot directly on a pre-assembled frame. The surface structure can be set up by using metal nets or cable systems as support for the bio-plastic covering. The robot moves along the whole intervention area thanks to a rail and once the operation is finished it moves in a specific rest area that is hidden. The robot has extendible arms with both sensors that can detect autonomously possible damages on the façade, and a nozzle for the bio-plastic ejection. The platform where the robot moves is equipped with a tank for the material storage.

Facade definition.

When the robot starts for the first time, it makes a scan of the façade (of the naked support structure) that allows making a program of the tool itinerary. The program defines the nozzle itinerary and the intensity of the emission that allow in a slow but continuous way to cover the building with the new skin.


The system, with a scheduled regularity, makes a check of the facade condition thanks to the sensors positioned on the extendible arms. If any laceration or anomaly is detected, the robot operates in order to refurbish it.

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