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Temporary pavillion


Volvo pavillion competition

An ultralight fiber-composite structure that traces a tri-dimensional flow in space as a scenography for the new Volvo V60 plug-in Hybrid car. The pavilion with its geometry and in a specific way with its apertures wants to frame special views of the car. The same goal is reached using different opacities for the covering fabric, that create blur effects to attract the people to the core of the installation where the car waits to show its qualities. The car is on a street level, with no obstacles, the public can enter the shelter and walk around the car, which could be easily parked inside because of the large apertures on the main side of the pavilion.

The pavilion could be defined by 3 main components: structure, covering, and electrical service.

with Mirco Bianchini

The structure is characterized by a series of fiber-composite pipe loops, a SuperTex(™) technology that is allowed to be CNC manufactured. The pipes are made of hemp fibers and natural resins to guarantee sustainable performance to the structure in terms of recyclability, cost, and weight. Each loop is subdivided every 2 m to guarantee efficient storage of the pieces. They have bonded together thanks to specific steel joints. Three loops develop the whole shape, then there are three more series to reinforce the system. They are bonded together through the designed intersections where steel joints assure the fixations. The connection to the ground is guaranteed by three steel platforms, equipped with a series of connections to fix the pipes.

A fabric layer is extended over the structure to protect and better define the interior of the shelter. 

The surface is partitioned into two areas with different opacity: three big opaque ellipsoids and the semi-transparent in-between parts that unveil the structure. 

The language of the pavilion is the language of floating wires: the structure is partially equipped with electrical cables that run into the pipes, literally inside.

One single plug-in to manage all the needs of the pavilion: lights, projectors, and of course, the power supply for the car. In this way the pavilion itself is an expression of this technology, the system integrates all the parts.

The power plug to charge the car emerges directly from the structure, like an extension of it, giving the opportunity for a pure connection between the shelter and the car.

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