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Urban re-shaping system

Navigating through the striated space of the city she was numb already, a ghost under the fog. Her body was captured and imprisoned under this network city, unable to escape from its knots and strict lines.

Meanwhile, in her neighborhood, some strange bacteria and nanorobots (root builders) were busy bringing out the simple organic rhythm of the soil, a root structure emerging on the basis of the most basic rule: self-organization. (Rumour was some strange bug man sprayed some weird stuff there)

Then there was another rumor about a game that could actualize what you imagine and act on the virtual plane of the game. A game called “Third Life” simulates the real under two categories: physical factors and technical factors that enframe the possibilities of action for the player and provide an efficient ground for active participation and interaction among participants, enabling the urban dweller to involve once again, to engage in-depth with an actual problem on an easier to handle the virtual environment, encouraging and motivating to take further action whenever necessary.

with Joanna-Maria Helinurm

As a witness of the emerging earth structure on her street, she decided to involve in that participative design process, to become part of the game, participating and acting at the same time, bringing challenges and changes to the urban fabric she was living through...

She and other players’ movements throughout the game generating a force began to inform microrobots as they were prosthetic vehicles implementing the process of actualization the virtual, movements that flash through the smooth space of the game began to gain flesh through them. These microrobots bringing an influence over the nanorobots’ root building processes, indeed constructed a challenge that was brought by the social, a disturbance.

What emerged throughout the game as a consequence of the intersections among physical vectors, technical vectors, and finally the social vectors were actualized in the real urban space of Milan. What is merely a simulacrum became the reality. Simulacrum verified.

Slowly an organic, messy web began to emerge, tiny in size but ready to expand, clinging on the network of the city, ready to disrupt what it is still attached to, already forming its own paths through the existing holes and gaps here and there over the network. Vertical earth structures growing out of the urban voids of the city as soon as reaching the upper levels of existing buildings began to contaminate them, attacking and transforming them, opening new pathways for a smoother circulation, more porosity throughout the urban fabric. Urban voids getting transformed under newly emerging social organizations began to become part of this web.

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