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“AdaptEvolveBecome” is an attempt to let think about nowadays subjectivity related to the modern ritual of consumption.

For a time in which the lack of rituals is connected to the mere assimilation of substances, when everything is seen and perceived as a product, where products are designed and used as composed by dead matter.

The Individual goes through his life still today, living in an advanced state of denial which takes him in the condition of avoiding to see and pay the real price of things and actions.

This project, this “allegory”, should be seen as a way to propose and move forward a certain reality, to become consciously part of a precise reality.

On an imaginary level it translates the problems which are resulting within the necessity of such a step, moreover it proposes an extreme scenario giving the possibility for everybody to begin asking questions themselves from a realistic and basic point of view.

The project tries to engage this thoughts using a tool combined with a ritual which let the individual been capable of extracting his own blood in order to be processed and consumed by himself. The person presented in the video clip is a man deeply conscious about the nature of substance..He’s a human being which puts himself in his own ritual of consumption becoming object and subject of consumption. This man is aware about the danger of habits, he accepts the price and rhythm of substance understanding better its nature through his conscious actions.

There shouldn’t be denial regarding what is going on around us, but we should have zones, some fissures here and there where we could feel free from the ideological side of culture. This fracture let us think about substance and consume, proposing somebody which became clearly, without masks, subject and object of consumption.

Photography&video: Paris Tsitsos, Giacomo DodichMedical assistance: David Lorand

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