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3D Printed Pavilion
in5, Dubai, UAE

The four souls of In5, Media, Tech, Design, and Science, are represented by an infinite loop generating four spaces flowing into each other.


The loop, indeed, organizes the movements of a series of surfaces that meet and fold together, articulating the opening or enclosure of the spaces. The S-shaped surfaces create fluid flows between the outdoor and the indoor spaces, defining pointed arches as an homage to the ogee arches of Islamic architecture.

The surfaces are characterized by a fluted pattern to emphasize their geometry, interpolating sections of different sizes and shapes. 

Additive Manufacturing and material cycle

The pavilion is an exploration of the potential application of Additive Manufacturing and recycling technologies in architecture, showcasing the possibilities of large-scale thermoplastic printing.

The pavilion is designed around the principle of repurposing and recycling. The structure is indeed manufactured using a blend of recycled PETG with glass fiber and UV stabilizer, ideal for long-lasting outdoor use. AM technology allows for the minimization of waste during production, having the possibility to print only the necessary material to make the panels.
After its initial use, the pavilion could be recycled, and by reshaping it, it can be repurposed for different functions.

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