Metal design bodies

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METAL DESIGN BODIES Mirko Daneluzzo The article was written for the first symposium of metal design and handcraft “Iron camp”, Ybbsitz, Austria 2016. Download PDF When I think about metal, I have in mind some features like Malleability (the ability to be hammered or pressed without breaking or craking), fusibility [...]

Adapt Evolve Become

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ADAPT, EVOLVE, BECOME 2015 Concept/design: Michele Daneluzzo Photography&video: Paris Tsitsos, Giacomo Dodich Medical assistance: David Lorand   “AdaptEvolveBecome” is an attempt to let think about nowadays subjectivity related to the modern ritual of consumption. For a time in which the lack of rituals is connected to the mere assimilation of substances, when [...]

About mutation

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ABOUT MUTATION Download PDF In genetics, mutation means every steady or hereditary change in the genetic pool that can show itself with a phenotype change depending from its characteristics and from the interaction of the environment. Therefore mutation is a base element on which the organism evolutionary process act, determining [...]


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Bio-logic Partners: Maurizio Montalti (Officina Corpuscoli) Sonja Bäumel (Studio Sonja Bäumel) Mirko Daneluzzo, Tommaso Casucci (Co-de-iT) WASP WAAG Society Waag Society, Makers Guild – first floor Nieuwmarkt 4 1012 CR Amsterdam January 24 and 25 2014   NEXTO serie > DIY BIO-LOGIC WORKSHOP: Living structures and swarm bodies Interactions between biological/digital computing – slime mold [...]


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INTERIORATOR Interview Interiorator webzine September 2013 Download PDF I interviewed ceramicist Francesco Ardini last week and he recommended I take a look at your work next. Why do you think that is? We know Francesco, there is a mutual respect between us, this because we have also some main themes [...]

About imperfect simmetry

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ABOUT IMPERFECT SIMMETRY Download PDF In the western culture the symmetry has always been associated to the concept of order, that inherently brings the idea of purity, calmness and beauty. “Anyhow even if symmetry as a concept is seductive, there is evidence that not only asymmetry. is present in the [...]

Places of knowledge

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PLACES OF KNOWLEDGE Download PDF The changeable places of the design knowledge. Published by Doppiozero July 23, 2013 The industrial age, mechanized and characterized by the separation ( if we think at the assembly idea behind our products or at the separation of knowledge in the education), is leaving the [...]


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SALON May issue, 2013 “Salon” magazine, Kiev, Ukraine Mirko Daneluzzo Mirco Bianchini Download PDF 1. How do new technologies influence architecture/design? MD+MB: One of the fundamental roles of a designer is to translate technical and intellectual revolutions into tools able to change people’s life (from little things, to [...]

Repetition as variation

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REPETITION AS VARIATION Download PDF “The only real trip to discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes” Proust The repetition phenomenon characterizes each aspect of our daily life, from the cellular mitosis in the microscopic field, to the day’s cycles with its routines (breakfast, lunch [...]


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SNOOKS Interview with Roland Snooks Download PDF Q: It is interesting how one can translate, for design purposes, the simulation of agents system, in other words how to translate the behavior, the location and the intensity of interaction, into the project, and then later in architecture. From the use of [...]