Before he founded Nyxo together with his partner and brother Michele Daneluzzo in 2015, Mirko was founder and chief designer of Disguincio&co, a design company based in Pordenone, Italy.


Mirko received his Master degree in architecture at Greg Lynn’s masterclass at University of Applied Arts, Institute of Architecture in Vienna, where he has been also student of François Roche­R&Sie(n) at the Crossover Studio UAA­IoA, titled “(n)certainties v.03”.


Previously he has studied at IUAV (Venice) where he had the opportunity to work with personalities like Alfredo Paya and Paolo Soleri.
Since 2011 he teaches courses of computational design and design laboratory at the academy of applied arts LABA ­ industrial design department, in Rimini. Between the academic and professional activities there have been several occasions, like workshops, lectures and writings, to investigate the influence of the digital technologies and digital thought in the design field.


His work consists in the understanding and management of intricate multidisciplinary scenarios, from material systems to production processes. Interested in using digital computational tools to set up apparatuses of simulation that can offer new aesthetic languages and capable to re­territorialise the products.


Products as tools to discover horizons of renewed knowledge.
Sensitive to scientific issues and the role that the design thought could play in the bio&nano­tech revolution to renovate the Human Being. One of his obsessions concerns the mutation of the human body (Human Enhancement Design) focusing on the influence and interaction with the products.


Products as prosthesis of the human body.