Interior design 2015
Cordenons, Italy // 60 sqm

The corridor like space articulates within the continuity between the floor and the main wall that bends to compress the space towards the back of the shop. This movement generates ancillary spaces such as the reception’s closets, the private storage room and the wet station, which occupies a discreet space of the shop. The three cutting stations are pulled out from the curved wall that cuts itself and opens generating voluptuous surfaces which close and orient the mirrors so that they are not visible from the entrance. This defines intimate spaces, that convey a sense of warmth and security. Same feature used as a guideline for the design of the seats, generated from the combination of two shield like surfaces that embrace the visitor while sitting, especially the chairs of the waiting room.

Photography: Elia Falaschi
Video: Leonardo Modonutto

The cashier’s desk works as a filter between the waiting room and the working area, the 3D puzzle structure of the desk is left open on one side to become a shelf storage, and extends along the column on which grows with a sequence of metal blades shelves.
The ceiling is cut by two blades that offer support for lighting systems, security and audio diffusion and that, in their design reflect the movements of the walls reproducing a sort of flows’ map of the shop. The sinuous shapes of the intervention are enhanced by the expressivity of the texture of the materials deliberately left rough. The colors of the space is neutral to emphasize and exalt the products and the colors prepared for the customers.