Fly Synthesis

Interior design- 2008
composite materials // 6.75×2.26 m wingspan 10.4



Interior design of a two seats Light Sport Aircraft. Syncro’s cockpit is characterized by fluid shapes that unify and embody all the internal components in a monolithic piece with structural and ergonomic qualities.

The flatcar’s lines define the seat outline, that is suitably subdivided for a correct adjustability, thanks to an air chamber system. The same lines cut the whole surface in specific parts to guarantee the possibility of easy systemic inspections. The internal space is dominated by the main control panel, that hosts the navigation equipments and the hot air (below) and fresh air (above) diffusion system. The flatcar is a corroborating component of the shell structure of the vehicle: this structural component incorporates the seat basins for an outstretched command position, a good solution to increase the comfort on board.



The accessibility to the mechanical components is guaranteed by an accurate subdivision of the components, the control panel, for example, is a separated part that could be also substituted with alternative versions of it. To reduce waste in terms of material and working hour, the number of the interior components is reduced, this makes readable the passengers compartment and easier the assembly.

Excluding the technical equipment, the only component of the interior that will be realized externally is the seat padding and covering. All the internal components are designed to be manufactured in the factory, integrated in the overall production process of the vehicle, like the tailor-made carbon fiber joystick.

Composites: carbon, glass and honeycombed fibers;
Neoprene: joystick details.
Alcantara: seats covering.
Surface treatment with white Gelcoat combined with a Soft Feel paint.